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              BASIC INFORMATION:
              The capital of Italy, located at the west of it.
              Population of 2.872.082 habitants.

              1.285,31 square km.


              Francesco Totti
              Resultado de imagen de francesco totti
              Sophia Loren

              Resultado de imagen de sophia loren

              Sergio Leone

              Resultado de imagen de sergio leone


              Pizza Bianca

              Resultado de imagen de pizza bianca roma


              Cocina Italiana Tagliatelle
              Suppli alla Romana

              Resultado de imagen de supplì alla romana


              The Metro of Rome has two lines that cross the city diagonally. It is not very extensive,
              and has stops near most of the points of interest.

              Resultado de imagen de metro de roma

              The bus network covers Rome completely. In the city there are more than 350 lines.

               Resultado de imagen de buses de roma

              The limited extension of the tram network and it does not circulate through the center
              of Rome makes it not very useful.

              Resultado de imagen de tram rome

              Rome's suburban trains complement the metro network, are run by the same company,
              share the rates and use the same tickets.

              Resultado de imagen de suburban rome

              The taxis, although roman taxi drivers are famous for their reputation as scammers.

              Resultado de imagen de taxis roma

              INMIGRATION IN ROME:

              Resultado de imagen de rome emigration and immigration